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    Eric Laurin

326 stanley street, box 1184
Ayr, ON
tel: (519)632-7297
bus: (519)572-1348
www: Canadian Artist - Eric Laurin

    Artists Statement:

For most of my (short) art career I have been focusing on expressing organic qualities in my artwork. But what makes a line or a shape organic? What does it mean to say that a painting is organic? Did I use chemical-free materials? I doubt it Ė acrylics arenít exactly chemical-free. A synonym for organic in this context is ďnatural.Ē So, for something to be organic it must be natural, or be reminiscent of nature. To me that means curvy lines, round edges, soft corners, and irregular shapes. To go with the flow is to be organic. Please donít be one of those people who tells me that straight lines and perfect shapes happen all the time in nature. Iíve heard it all before. Yes, I know that nature is full of perfect happenings which are hard to believe arenít designed by a mathematician with a giant ruler. Thatís just it. Even though nature is full of these perfect qualities, it is these qualities that have come to represent the unnatural world of man. With all of its straight, vertical tree trunks, a redwood forest still appears organic when one considers the overall shape of the forest and imagines the gnarled roots creeping underground. Raindrops and snowflakes are perfect little shapes; yet, the clouds they come from are the essence of being organic. Aside from describing the lines and shapes of my paintings, organic also describes the subjects; more specifically, the nature in which I chose the subjects. I feel that when someone knows that their picture is about to be taken, they tend to pose. This posing tends to make the person look rigid and fake, thus losing all the organic qualities that I find so appealing. That is why most of my paintings come from a picture taken, or a pose noticed when the subject (usually my girlfriend, Helen) does not think that she is being watched. This spontaneous quality is what makes the picture organic. Whether the subject is engrossed in a conversation (Paulís Wedding), caught staring at me while I sleep (The Admirer, and the Early Morning Curves series), or being blown away in the wind (Dandelions), it still possesses that quality which makes it organic. Eric Laurin

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Paul's Wedding
Acrylic: 24 x 36 in.

Hooker's Green
Acrylic: 32 x 44 in.

Cloud Nine
Acrylic: 16 x 30 in.

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