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Artists Statement:

I am a university student with many fun occupations such as: Painter, interior designer, digital concept artist, illustrator, photographer, writer & art tutor. Currently I study Illustration at the Ontario College of Art and Design, meanwhile working on freelance illustration jobs, searching for the purpose of life and true love. I live in Toronto downtown, with the view of CN tower from my window. I draw; it is my grand passion. I write, it is my soul in words. Sometimes I eat. --------- Yes, I do commissions of all sorts: matte paintings, CD covers, concept art, game textures and book illustrations. If you are interested in working, or just chatting with me, or meeting me- feel free to send an email, or poke me on msn:

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Absence of Vision
Digital Illustration

Antipodal evolution
Digital Illustration

Feral Nova
digital illustration

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