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    Allison Lewis

tel: 416.873.5288


Artists Statement:

I am a mixed media painter, working in acrylic and oil paint, employing various mediums on wood. I am an abstract painter who works as large as 4x5 feet and as small as 10x12cm. Texture, by way of reduction, is accomplished by scraping into the work, by wiping off paint and gouging out the surface with drills, knives and carving tools. Mediums, fillers, glazes, paper, wax and found objects are my sources of additive texture. My biggest influences are the New York modernists from the 1950's and 60's and fabric art from the 70's. For me, beauty in art lies in the formal marriage of shape, colour, texture, line and composition.

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Pink Series: Five
Mixed Media 7.5 x 6"

Metalic Miniature Series: One
Mixed Media 3.5 x 6

Rectangle Series: 22
Mixed Media 14 x 6 inches

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