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    Blair Polischuk

34283 Renton Street
Abbotsford, BC
V2S 6S3
tel: 604.805.4525
bus: 604.805.4525


Artists Statement:

Classical musician and master photographer, Ansel Adams once said that a photographic negative was the equivalent to a conductor’s “score” and the hand crafted silver print was the “performance”. This analogy holds true for Blair Polischuk who, as a musician himself, has chosen photography as his career and primary form of self-expression. Photographing throughout the year, Blair dedicates the balance of his time to honing his craft in the darkroom. This dedication to the craft is observed in the rich tonalities and luminosity of his finely crafted silver prints. Subject matter includes the natural world, figure studies, still life, and environmental portraiture. Working with a variety of camera formats, his preference is that of traditional classic large format, specifically a 4x5 view camera made of wood, brass and leather. His current solo exhibition entitled Archetypes – Impressions of an Island is touring several Canadian galleries and is booked into 2005. “I am seduced by the interplay that occurs where water meets land, and the complete serenity that envelops oneself when this marvel is experienced up close. My most current works are a study of this interplay. The majority of my photographs are inspired by and created on Hornby Island, B.C. I hope to convey my impressions of this magical place and to provide the viewer with a diversion from the stresses of modern urban life”.

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A Drift on Hornby
silver gelatin print 16x20 in

A June Evening
silver gelatin print 16x20 in.

silver gelatin print 14x20

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