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    Darlene St.Georges

2 Nistum Road P.O.Box 127
Moosonee, ON
P0L 1Y0
tel: 705 336 0386


Artists Statement:

My creative process is an exploration of the essence of the spirit of life in a time of complex volatility. My searching unfolds abstract forms of living entities which act as symbols of sustenance for the human condition. I am iinspired by the chanting of the wind, the echos of trees, and the wildish freedom of the oceans and sky - all filling my imagination with an endless reservoir of images. Working in oil and wax allows my images to emerge: pure and raw while validating the creative energy that motivates me to evolve

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Encaustic 3 panels 6'x3' each

Encaustic 20

Encaustic 5' x5'