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Artists Statement:

To me art is an opportunity to escape realism, to enter the world of exploration, experimentation and what-if states of being where the whole is not the focus of attention, but rather the end result of expansion and growth from the tiniest particulates of atom, cell, light and texture. Primarily my artwork concerns textures and revolves around abstracts, surrealism and non-true-to-form art works. Like an atom or cell forms the smallest unit from which the whole will emerge and become apparent, much of my artwork builds outward from the atom, cell or intricate textural particulates. Other times, my artwork will be deliberate with the whole already conceived, but requiring interesting textures, elements and features to construct it.

Expanded Statement

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20 x 16 image on 24 x 20 archival paper.

Summer Flowers
27 x 27 image on 31 x 31 premium artist canvas.

Bar Code YR
32 x 32 image on 36 x 36 archival paper.

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