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    Doug Welykholowa

69 Woods Cres
Emerald Park, SK
S4L 1C5
tel: 306-781-2883
bus: 306-781-2883
fax: 306-781-0146
www: Watercolors by Doug Welykholowa


Artists Statement:

Raised in Saskatchewan, Doug served 30 years in the Canadian Army as an artillery officer, retiring in 2002 to pursue a career as an artist. Doug is a self-taught artist whose prairie upbringing has been the major influence in his watercolours of landscapes, old buildings and derelict machinery. He strives to capture the essence, color and texture of the landscape and artifacts of prairie life. He is fascinated and continually challenged by the difficulty of painting in watercolour, and the happy accidents that result in just the right effect. Doug’s watercolours have won numerous awards over the years. His works hang in both public and private collections across Canada, the USA, Europe and Australia. He won the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede Western Showcase Gallery’s Collector’s Choice Award in 2005. He is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Regina Federation of Artists. Doug runs his painting and fine art printing studio from his house in Emerald Park, SK.

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"1928 Minneapolis Crossmotor"
"Watercolor: 11 by 15 in."

"Crowsnest Sentinel"
"Watercolor: 14 by 21 in."

"McCormick-Deering 1"
"Watercolor: 11 by 15 in."

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