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Artists Statement:

Charles Gibbons was born in Montreal, Canada in 1957 and has been painting for more than 25 years. The current project, “Organic Geometry” is the Exploration of the relationships between Science & Music & Math & Art, and the translation of the relationship into visual art. Organic Geometry is the union of the ordered and the disordered, the complex and the simple. Music has these qualities, a rhythmic beat, musical notes in perfect harmony, and at the same time seemingly random beauty. Ironically so does Math and Science. The Art is the medium to share the relationships. Our age is reflected in the perceptual abstraction of art and science.

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Organic Gemetry # 1/22
Acrylic on Canvas (78"x39")

Organic Geometry # 2
Acrylic on Gesso Panel (24

Organic Geometry # 5
Acrylic on Gesso Panel (24"x24")

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