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    Nathaniel Lynns

605D - 1600 Beach Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6G 1Y8
tel: (604) 439 3096
www: Nathaniel Lynns Visual Artist


Artists Statement:

My name is Nathaniel Lynns Visual Artist. I am a self taught painter, graphic designer, and website developer. I am a struggling artist making my way thorugh my life's journey of creativity and discovery. In this journey I have created many pieces of art, learned a great deal about patience and control, and wrote an eBook called "Color A Simple Approach", which is a reflection of my knowledge on the subject of chromatics. For more information log onto Over the years, working independently, I have successfully built a loyal client base with designs and concepts as unique as the concept they were created for. Nathaniel Lynns Visual Artist

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Coming out of the Dark
Oil pastel on 40lb watercolour Stock