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    Shylene Schlackl

2419 B Chambers Street
Victoria, BC
v8t 3l4
tel: 250-388-5260
www: Shylene-life is art

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  • West Coast Driftures
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  • Mosaics
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  • Canadian Online Art Gallery

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Artists Statement:

I am passionate about the resources of our planet and makes it a priority to have these sentiments reflected throughout my work. I have always loved using recycled things as much as possible in every piece I create. Knowing that my own way I am helping the environment as well as making art is awesome.

Expanded Statement

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Sock Monster
Where have all your socks gone?

Mad Hatter Tea Party
Recycle art - Mosaic

Her golden glow shimmers as she moves around a room With a dancers ease She rustles through with her hair flowing behind her

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