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    Michael Moore

#12, 319 - 13 Street N.W.
bus: (403)270-9763


  • The University of Lethbridge
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Artists Statement:

My newest collection of oil paintings, FACES, explores the geometric planes and complex emotions of humanity from a sculptural angle. My art comes from deep within. I paint what comes out of my heart and my dreams. I have always used extreme perspective in my paintings. Depicting lifeís images up close and personal. I donít perceive life as separate and far away. Itís right in front of us, Itís passionate, itís like the smell of coffee, it has to envelope you. I reinforce this experience by painting in extreme contrasts that create tension. Machinations of the Mind is my first abstract piece, and it has pushed me to a new region of creativity. I am currently in the process of expanding the work to a series.

Expanded Statement

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Machinations of the Mind
Oil on Canvas 60

Oil on Canvas 36

Oil on Canvas 36

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