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    Daniel Elzinga

2-359 Third Avenue West
North Bay, ON
P1B 3M6

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Artists Statement:

Although my art is quite eclectic, it has one consistent theme which I choose to call “Deconstruction”. It is an approach that draws inspiration from post-modernism, surrealism, abstract expressionism, automatism, and dadaism, but always involves a breaking down — or disassembly — of artistic materials and one usually involving the connotative meanings of the found objects used. The transformation from “Found Object” to “Art Object” is the creative process. What once were computer chips become the scales of a lizard, what once were ordinary nails are transformed into a mannequin’s hair, and an old rusted rake-head gets metamorphosed into the mount for a sculptural work.

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Nature on The Balance
Nature on The Balance

Metal mesh gloves with photos

Man-i-Can in Techno Armour
assemblage: 194 by 95 by 48 cm

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