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    Candice D'Mello

1227 York Mills Rd #52
Toronto, ON
M3A 1Y4
tel: 416-4608036


Artists Statement:

Candice D'Mello has been selling her artwork professionally since 1991, although this creativity dates back to her early childhood. Her specialty is glass painting, although she enjoys acrylic, watercolour, ceramic and fabric painting, beadwork and embroidery. Her glass painting uses different techniques and embellishments. She is often asked to customize glass, fabric or wood items, to give a one-of-a-kind touch. Candice has successfully sold her work in Canada, Cyprus and the Middle East; her work being commissioned through an art shop, an art gallery and exhibitions at the Hilton Abu Dhabi, UAE. She currently works full-time as a software trainer in the Finance District in Toronto, Canada but hopes to open her own studio soon.

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