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    Joyce Findlay

P.O. Box 535
Terrace, BC
V8G 4B5
tel: 250.798.2000
www: Watercolors By Joyce


Artists Statement:

My "passion" for watercolors began just prior to my retirement. After a busy life with family and career, I was ready to indulge and explore my artistic side. Since I picked up my first paint brush I have never looked back. I learn best from reading and doing and so that is how I developed my techniques for watercolors. Trial and error, were my constant companions. But for the past couple of years I saw less and less of them, and began to sell my work, turning a hobby into another successful career which has enriched my life beyond measure. One of my favorite subjects is the Primitive Cave Art of Baja, Mexico, where we spend the cold Canadian winters. My subjects are varied and I also play with acrylic painting on fabrics. Developing a hand-painted cover for the big, blue, bottles for purified water. Take a look at my website at and let me know what you think.

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