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    Charles Corbet

5126 Marine Dr.,
West Vancouver, BC
V7W 2P7
tel: 604-921-7505


Artists Statement:

I am a (basically) self-taught artist, deriving muuch info from the public library. I have recently started painting miniatures - w/c on ivory (old piano keys), vellum(the leather kind, not paper) and 'ivorine' - an ivory substitute made from the same stuff ping-pong balls are made of. I size my vellum with a soln.of 1 pkt.Knox unflv. gelatine/4L H2O. Then I stretch it ,let it dry & slosh away! My main problem now is finding s/o to cut tiny oval mats, & to find frames....(Ideas?) oh well... ---any more info, just ask. Charles Corbet

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