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    Sharon Dembo

146H Clinton St.
Toronto, ON
M6G 2Y3
tel: 416.534.5281

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Artists Statement:

Sharon Dembo is a visual artist and child psychotherapist living in Toronto. She has been painting for the past twenty years, not only in Toronto but also in France, Italy, Mexico and both coasts of Canada. Most of her landscapes are painted “en plein air” as Sharon enjoys responding to the immediacy and intensity of this experience. Sharon feels very influenced by the impressionist and expressionist art movement. In the past three years, Sharon has focussed on printmaking: She feels a fascination with the various printmaking techniques and the freedom they give her to explore her interest in dance and movement. Her work frequently uses textures and vibrant colours to express these dynamic gestures. Sharon compares her work in this medium to that of a child at play: a chance to be curious, inquisitive, serious and creative. Sharon has been exhibiting and selling her work in a number of venues in Toronto over the past several years.

Upcoming Shows:

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Bog at Whitless Bay

Sunflower Fields
Acrylic (1998) 20 by 25 in.

Acrylic (1997) 20 by 26 in.

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