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    Alan Mark Cross

4812 Sea Ridge Dr.
Victoria, BC
tel: 250 658 8102
bus: n/a
www: Alan Mark Cross Orignal Watercolors


Artists Statement:

Alan Mark Cross was born in St.Johns, Quebec in 1949, and moved to Victoria, British Columbia, in 1956. Cross has a large following of patrons, and his works are in numerous private and corporate collections across Canada, the United States, Australia, Russia, Austria, Japan and England. There is a timeless quality to every Alan Mark Cross work of art. His paintings will always be in vogue; his impressionistic style coupled with an orderly use of colour will always demand attention. Largely self-taught, and in total command of his craft, Cross moves with the ease and grace of an athlete from one scene to another; from one mood to the next. "I was cursed from the start. Not only did I enjoy drawing, it turned out I had some talent too. And from an early start, I knew that my art had to do more than simply hang on a wall. I get an all consuming joy from my work. It moves me; it evokes emotion. I want others who take time to gaze at my work to feel something ~ passion, sentiment, wonder ~ perhaps some nostalgia." To feed his love for art, Cross laboured as a carpenter and housebuilder. A school-of-hard knocks veteran, Cross learned from his own mistakes and not only survived, but flourished. He started out doing very traditional work, handling a variety of mediums with equal aplomb and with seeming ease. He soon broke out of the oil and acrylic mould because, as he says: "my work had no soul". He settled on watercolour several years ago because it allowed more freedom. It gave Cross the ability to focus on true intrinsic detail. Cross' work is precise. Today Alan Mark Cross' mood is lighter and freer; unfettered and genuine. His images come from the real world, drawing from life, imagination or his own photographs, whichever suits his purpose. With a precise preliminary composition from which to work, Cross is free to concentrate on effects, pigments, and colour. His consistent style, coupled with a fantastic command of the brush brings each of his pieces to life. Alan Mark Cross is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Northwest Watercolor Society.

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Chicken Run
15 X 22 watercolor

Peacful interlude

Garden path
22 X 30 watercolor

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