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    Mukadder Kirmizi Aloy

6-116 Robinson Street
Hamilton, ON
www: The Art Gallery of Mukadder Kirmizi Aloy


Artists Statement:

What I aspire to create in my works is a sense of naivete of infant psychology. I strive to portray the clash between realities of life and the innocence of naivete. It is through these visions that my individual creations are born. My works are not complicated; I work with oil and acrylic on canvas. My influences stem from nature and pieces of art (rather than simply imitating these works), I enjoy blending and mixing a variety of influences to produce something of an accumulative effect. My works are extroverted and colourful and include a combination of abstract and concrete. I was born in Sanliurfa, Turkey at 1968. I was graduated from University of Mimar Sinan, Academy of Art, Istanbul. Now I`m living in Canada.

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the diary
oil on canvas 28 by 22 in.

windy view
oil on canvas 30 by 40 in.