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    Birte Hella

37073-6502 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
M2M 4X8
www: birtehella


  • CARO - Canadian Artist Representation Ontario
  • Ontario Plein Air Society
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Artists Statement:

I am a Toronto based artists, who contemplates concepts revealed through a juxtaposition of personal and public histories. I work in both traditional and digital art media, in various styles including abstract, conceptual, figurative, and landscape. In my paintings I blend bold brushstrokes and strong colours, with sensitively applied washes and glazes. In digital works I create visual stories, incorporating history on numerous levels unique to each artist/viewer dialogue.

Expanded Statement

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161208 1
oil on canvas: 30.5cm by 30.5cm

161208 2
oil on canvas: 30.5cm by 30.5cm

161208 3
oil on canvas: 30.5cm by 30.5cm

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