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    Sylvia Hopkins

30842 Keystone Rd.,
Mission, BC
tel: 604 820-1203

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Artists Statement:

Sylvia Hopkins started painting in Watercolours about 5 years ago after pursuing a career in Graphic Design. It was her passion for horses that sparked her interest in painting. Her portraits of the Arabian horse are dramatic, often filled with detailed Eastern influenced art and design. Her paintings are rich in colour and detail giving them a rich tapestry quality.Many contain riddles and suprises. She is continually challenged by the images she wants to capture and the requests and imaginations of her clients. She has won numerous awards in graphic design and watercolours. Illustration in black and white clip art are also available. Commissions are welcome.

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Opening Day
Poppies seem to be alive as they twist and turn into the sun

Rabbit in the Briar
"Can you find the image of the rabbit in this picture?

Summer Psalm
1997 Honourable Mention FRDJ

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