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    Heather Murray

Toronto, ON
www: collageworks

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want the observer to feel slightly unsettled by the subjects in my unravel a story from their faces, postures and backgrounds. I am attracted to faces. I stare constantly at people..trying to see inside..beyond their skin...I am drawn to the face which is wise and knowing and perhaps a little mystifying in itís expression. The range of human emotions and experience facinate me..and I like to capture the atypical - sometimes bleaker side of the human experience on canvas...Haunting is appealing to me..and my paintings have been described as often dark in tone. I have to find a face attractive, yet not necessarily in the conventional sense, in order to feel inspired to paint it . .Eyes are an important feature..and I feel successful with a painting when the eyes come to life on the canvas. Fantasy is another realm which intrigues me..and I like to incorporate it into my paintings whenever possible..playing with the imagination ever so slightly. Humans are facinating creatures ..offering a huge realm of possibility and creative resource Occasionally my appreciation and reverence for our four- footed friends creeps into my paintings also it is important to me to paint what moves me... Heather Murray

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time alters everything
collage/acrylic on canvas