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    Louise Lachance Legault

1076 route 132
tel: 450-264-5796

    Represented by:


  • La Société canadienne de l'Aquarelle
  • The Federation of Canadian Artists

Artists Statement:

My goal is to enjoy the physical spontaneity of working with all water-based media, as they provide loose structural underpaintings, which then are shaped with a series of washes and collages, the main theme being music. By then I have created a work that reaches out and touches someone, by evoking emotions and capturing moments in time and space through the use of colour, shapes, textures and pattern. I love to draw, to compose and to celebrate Life and pure joy of seeing and feeling the beauty that surrounds us, in an abstract way. She has been giving Workshops through Canada. Louise had been accepted in recent international shows in Canada and the USA. She has been accepted also as a Signature Member of the Société canadienne de l'aquarelle

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mixed media