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    Jeff Johnston

780 Wonderland Rd South #704
London, ON
N6K 1M4
bus: 519-473-6712
www: Canadian Online Art Gallery


Artists Statement:

My name is Jeff Johnston, I am the owner of the Canadian Online Art Gallery. The gallery began as a project for our first member Leonard Carlyle Skinner Leonard wanted to show his work on the internet. I searched the internet looking for a good online comunity of artists to associate Leonards page with, I came up with almost nothing, especially when it came to Canadian artists in particular. I decided that it was time to take action and create a community for Canadian artists to show their art to the world. Canadian artists are among the best in the world, in my opinion. they need international exposure to make sure that everyone can see that not only are we the best country in the world in almost every aspect (que the patriotic music) we also have a fair share of talented artists itching to demonstrate their talent. In short the Canadian Online Art Gallery is dedicated to exposing Canadian artwork to the international community on the Internet

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