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Canartscene.com is a non-profit organization and site initially set up in 1995 assisted by the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour to promote visual artists and their activities on the Internet.

The Canartscene listing of artists number just under 1000.

Artists can set up online portfolios free or establish links witwith existing web sites. When signing up PLEASE ENSURE YOU COMPLETE ALL THE INFO INCLUDING THE MEDIA IN WHICH YOU WORK AND A BRIEF ARTIST STATEMENT. Before the portfolio will show it is previewed by Canartscene to ensure the information is complete. Artists are encouraged to upload images to their portfolio. Those who do so are selected at random to be one the two featured artists on the main page (changes every time loaded or refreshed). This enables site visitors to see the work of artists they might otherwise not come across.

Click on Image Help for details of image sizing and uploading.